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Week 6

Spelling List

Run through 08 02 2021

A Dangerous Pet (08.02.2021) 


I have attached a picture that is called 'A Dangerous Pet'. Your job is to read through the Questions and answer at least 6 of them using full sentences. It is very important that you practice using full sentences. Remember to use a capital letter to start your sentence and a full stop at the end. You can choose which 6 questions you want to answer- try to use your imagination as much as possible when answering the questions. Pob lwc!

Calendars (08.02.2021)


Attached are questions based on this calendar month. There are mild, spicy and extra spicy questions for you to choose from. 

Designing a Mars Habitat (08.02.2021)


We have already look at how Mars is different from Earth. We have also explored how animals have adapted to their habitats. Now I would like to think about how humans have adapted to Earth. Imagine humans now lives on Mars. Based on adaptations, what will humans need to breathe, to eat, to shelter etc. This is something that NASA are already thinking about. I have attched a video that talks about a competition held by NASA to design a habitat on Mars. I would like you to design (draw) and label a habitat for humans. Please send a picture of your drawings!

NASA's Challenge to 3D Print Future Habitats on Mars

Safer Internet Day (09.02.2021)

Task 1: 
Create a poster on the SMART Rules. 


Task 2: 

Draw around your foot and include all of the websites, apps and games that you could leave a digital footprint on. As a challenge, measure the length of your foot using a ruler. 


Task 3: 
Follow the link and watch the video 'Safer Internet Day 2021'. Discuss the questions with somebody in your house if possible. Once you have done this, answer the questions in the word document by giving your opinion on how we can stay safe online.   

Run through (11.02.21)

Reading weighing scales (11.02.2021)

Please watch the recorded run through before starting this task. Your job is to read what measurement is being shown on the scales- complete either mild, spicy or extra spicy. Write your answers on the Answers document that is attached. 

Sentence Grid (11.02.2021)

On Monday, you answered questions on the picture 'A Dangerous Pet'. Today, I would like you to complete the sentence grid. Please watch the recorded lesson where I talk you through how to do this. 

Design a Sport (11.02.2021)

Your task today is to design your own P.E. sport! This challenge has been set by Miss Lewis and I know that she cannot wait to see your ideas. All of the instructions are attached to the task. 

Pancake Recipe (12.02.2021)

February 16th will be Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day). For your maths task today, I would like you to measure the ingredients and make some pancakes! 


Attached is a recipe. There are also questions (mild, spicy and extra spicy). We completed an activity similar to this in school but I would like you to have another go. Use the original recipe to make your pancakes and complete the questions as a stand-alone maths activity. 

Story Starter- A Dangerous Pet (12.02.2021)


Please use the following paragraph as a story starter. Your story is called "A Dangerous Pet." Use the words from your grid to make super sentences in your story. Remember- your story must continue from the story starter. 


The King had known that the gift he presented to his children on their 5th birthday was dangerous. He was prepared to take the risk of letting them own a pet dragon, however. One day, the twins would rule the kingdom together, and they would need all the help they could get. No-one could deny that a dragon was a powerful ally!

Before that day, though, the children had much work to do. They had to train their dragon!

Valentine's Day Craft (12.02.2021)


It is Valentine's Day this Sunday. Have a go at a Valentine's Day craft to give to somebody that you love! There is a video attached with ideas, or you can come up with your own. I would love to see pictures of your finished products.

10 DIY Valentine's Day Craft Ideas