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Week 5

Spelling List

Make an analogue clock (1.02.2021)

Please watch the video attached. We will be looking at telling the time on an analogue clock on Thursday. To prepare for this, I would like you to have a go at making your own clock! I have attached a template for you to use. Pob lwc! 

Seconds, Minutes and Hours for Kids

Using Apostrophes (01.02.2021) 

Please watch the Oak Academy video lesson on apostrophes. There is a task attached that I would like you to complete. Challenge yourselves as much as possible! 

Adaptations (01.02.2021) 

I would like you to have a go at making your own Adaptation Fact card. You will need to reserach where the animal lives and how they have adapted to live in that environment. Please watch the recorded lesson for further instructions. 

Adaptation Lesson (01.02.2021)

Cause and effect (02.02.2021) 


Please watch the video attached about cause and effect. We need cause and effect in our explanation texts to explain how things happen. I have included a bank of connectives in the document. These are words that connect two sentences to make one sentence. 


Task 1: 

Read the sentences in the document- highlight the cause in red, the effect in green and the connective in yellow.


Task 2: 

Go outside and write some cause and effect sentences e.g. The weather is cold so the leaves have fallen off of the tree.

Mild- 3 sentences

Spicy- 5 sentences 

Extra Spicy- 7 sentences- begin 2 of your sentences with the effect e.g. the leaves fell off the tree because the weather was cold. 


Task 3: 

Highlight the cause and effect in your own sentences (cause in red, connective in yellow and effect in green). 

Cause and Effect Lesson

Months of the year (02.02.2021) 


Watch the videos and learn the days in the months song and the knuckle trick. This will help you complete your task. Once you have done that, try to teach one of the tricks to somebody in your house. 

There is a mild and spicy task attached for you to complete. 

If you would like an extra spicy challenge, complete research to answer the question 'Why do we have months?' 

Deforestation 02 02 2021

Please watch the recorded lesson on the effect of deforestation. Once you have done this, complete the grid by explaining the effect of deforestation on people, plants and animals in the rainforest. 

Writing complex sentences (04.02.2021) 

Your job today is to have a go at writing some complex sentences. These sentences make your writing much more interesting and can be used in all different types of writing, including explanation texts. Please make sure you watch the lesson. Once you have watched the lesson, have a go at the task attached. There is a mild, spicy and extra spicy version. 

Telling the Time (04.02.2021) 


Please watch the recorded lesson and complete the task. 

There is a mild and spicy worksheet. If you would like an extra spicy challenge ontop of your worksheet, make a record of what you get up to at: 

  1. Half past 9
  2. Quarter past 12
  3. 1 o'clock 
  4. Quarter to two

Telling the time (04.02.2021)

Captain Sir Tom Moore Challenge (04.01.2021) 


Captain Sir Tom Moore raised over £33 million for the NHS. In honour of the amazing hero Captain Sir Tom Moore, you are being challenged to complete a century of something active. You might choose to do 100 star jumps, 100 laps of your garden, 100 keepy-uppys. Anything active that you want to do. Please share what you have done in the class chat or Dojo! 

Researching How Do Plants Grow (05.02.2021) 


In your explanation text, you should include technical words. Research the meaning of the following technical words- 






Once you have done this, watch the video which explains how plants grow. Sequence how the seed becomes a plant using bullet points- try to include some of your technical words.

This research will help you write the main body of your explanation text so make sure you really explain what the seed looks like and how it changes to form a plant. If you want more information, have a look at the website that is also linked below. 

How Does A Seed Become A Plant?

Telling the Time IXL (05.02.2021)



I’d like you to complete the following tasks on IXL. If you need a refresher, rewatch yesterday’s video. 


Year 2

W.9 Time words: o'clock, half, quarter 

W.20 Months of the year 



Year 3

Q.4- Time words: o'clock, half, quarter - Remember o'clock must be written with the apostrophe in the middle or it won't count. 

Q.10- Months of the year 

Q.14- Number of days in each month 


Extra Spicy: 

Year 3

Q.10- Months of the year 

Q.14- Number of days in each month 


Year 4 

T.3 Read clocks and write times (this one is a bit trickier, so only try this if you feel confident with o'clock, half and quarter). 



Create a timeline of your day: 
What did you do at: 

9 o'clock 

Half past 12 

Quarter to 2

Quarter past 3 

Welsh Music Day (05.02.2021)


The Welsh Language Music Day is a music festival founded by BBC Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens, in February 2013. The festival celebrates the Welsh language through all types of Welsh music. During the festival events take place across Wales to help people discover the incredible music being made in the Welsh language. Listen to the different Welsh songs linked below and fill in the grid. 

Dafydd Iwan - Yma O Hyd

Katherine Jenkins Calon Lan

Cân i Gymru 2020 - Dawnsio'n Rhydd

Gwenno - Sisial Y Môr (Green Man Festival | Sessions)

"Cân yr Adar" - Llinos Emanuel