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Week 4


Welsh Valentine Poem (25.01.21)

Please watch the video where I discuss how to build your poem "Dw I'n Caru Ti". I have attached a copy of the story of Saint Dwynwen so that you can read all about the tradition. I cannot wait to read your poems. Remember- each line must start with "Dw i'n caru ti achos..." Think about who you are writing your poem to and try to make it specific. 

St Dwynwen Poem (25.1.21)

Money Place Value (25.1.21) 

Please watch the video attached on money and place value. The task is also attached as a powerpoint presentation. Complete either Mild, Spicy or Extra Spicy. 

Money PV Lesson (25.1.21)

Designing a love spoon (25.1.21) 

Today is St Dwynwen's Day (Welsh Valentine's Day). Love spoons are a traditional Welsh gift that are given to loved ones. Your task is to design a love spoon. I have attached a document with lots of different symbols that you could include on your love spoon (and what they mean). There is also an example of a love spoon. Notice how the symbols have been placed ontop of eachother. There is a spoon shape bottom and a handle- the middle part is made out of the symbols placed ontop of eachother. Think carefully about who you are designing your love spoon for and why you are choosing these symbols. I can't wait to see your lovely designs!

Subtracting money on a number line (26.01.21)

Please watch the attached video on how to subtract money on a number line. There are questions attached as well as a money PV grid to help you. If you want to refresh how to add and subtract 1p, 10p and £, please rewatch yesterday's video. 

Plot Point 4 (26.1.21)


This is the last part of our story!! We had to take a little break to celebrate Welsh Valentine's Day but this is the final piece of the puzzle. Please, use the questions below to prompt your story. I have included my own paragraph to help you. 

It is now winter- describe what the forest looks like- use the video from the first plot point and the picture in the document attached to help you. Make sure you describe how the setting has changed. 

What is the squirrel doing? 

Does the hedgehog let the squirrel share its food/den? 

Food Chains (26.1.21)

Miss Lewis has set you the task of looking at food chains for your rainforest project. You already started this work with Miss Lewis; how much can you remember? Please watch the Youtube video attached to refresh your memory. Once you have done that, have a go at the BBC game which is also attached. Make sure you put the sound on at first- there are instructions for you to follow. Please make at least 5 chains. 

Food Chains - Real World Science on the Learning Videos Channel

Wellbeing Wednesday Grid (28.01.2021)

Features of an Explanation Text (28.1.21) 


I have attached a link to the Oak Academy website. There is a recorded lesson available here that is all about the features of an explanation text. Please watch the video. At the end of the video, the speaker sets a task. I don't want you to complete this task. When you reach the end of the video, have a go at the table that is attached as a powerpoint presenation. The table has two columns- one column for features that are in explanation texts and another column for features that are not in explanation texts. There are a list of features down the side. Your job is to move the features into the correct columns. Some of the features in the list are those that might appear in other pieces of writing e.g. a moral, a letter, a story. 

Challenge- write the purpose of the features in an explanation text. 

Money Subtraction on a number line (28.1.21) 

Today, I would like you to have another go at money subtraction using a number line. You all did so well with this last lesson! This time, the amounts are a bit bigger and you might have to convert (change) some of the amounts from pence to £s. Try your best. Remember that there is 100p in £1 so, in money, there are always TWO numbers after the decimal point. If you get a bit suck on any of the questions, rewatch the recorded lesson from Tuesday or ask me questions in the class chat. 

P.E. (28.01.2021) 

Choose a video from NETFLEX to complete! Today, 10 minutes of exercise=3 Dojo's so make sure you share what videos you did in the class chat! 

Calculating Change (29.01.2021) 

Please watch the recorded video and complete the task attached. 

Calculating Change Lesson (29.01.2021)

Could we live on Mars? (29.01.2021) 

Please watch the video attached about Mars. 
Once you have done that, you can read more about Mars and find out lots of fun facts by clicking on the Natgeo Kids link. 


Complete the Venn Diagram- we looked at these in Maths.

In the Earth circle, list what we have on Earth/how Earth is different to Mars. 

In the Mars circle, list what is on Mars/how Mars is different to Earth. 

In the middle bit (where the circles overlap), list how Mars and Earth are similar. 


Once you have done this, write your opinion on whether humans could move to Mars and why. 

Should We Go to Mars?

Summarising (29.01.2021) 

We will be explaining 'How Do Plants Grow?' Please watch the attached video. Your task is to summarise what you see in only 66 words. Imagine you have to explain to somebody, who has never seen the video, what it is about. You will have to pick out the key information (information that is essential to understand what happens in the video). You can check whether you have used 66 words by looking at the word count in the bottom left of your screen.