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If you can dream it, you can achieve it


Week 3

International Women's Day, shark lady and grid multiplication 08 03 2021

Shark Lady Reading Repsonse (08.03.2021)

Please watch the recorded lesson. When you have done this, watch the shark lady youtube link. This will read the book to you. Answer the questions attached in the powerpoint using full sentences. 

Shark Lady by Jess Keating I Read aloud I Biography books for kids

Timeline (08.03.2021) 

Please watch the recorded lesson and complete the timeline activity attached. Use the timeline to order help you order what you think are the most important events in Eugenie's life towards becoming a scientist.

How to use arrays to multiply | Maths - A World Without Maths

Grid Multiplication (08.03.2021) 

Please watch the recorded lesson and answer the questions. If you are completing MILD, watch the youtube video attached and complete the work in the presentation document called "Arrays". Please begin with spicy. If you find spicy too hard, have a go at mild. The recorded lesson is called international women's day, shark lady and grid multiplication- it is linked below. 

Supporting an opinion, gender roles and arrays (09.03.2021)

Describing Eugenie Clark (09.03.2021) 

Please watch the recorded lesson and complete the task attached. 

Gender Roles (09.03.2021) 

Please watch the recorded lesson. There are no wrong answers here, it is all about giving your opinion on big issues- so just make sure you use 'because' to back up your opinion. 

Grid Multiplicaiton (09.03.2021) 

Please complete the grid multiplication task attached- choose spicy or extra spicy. If you are doing Mild, please make sure you watch the end of the recorded lesson. Those of you completing spicy and extra spicy will be completing grid multiplication using bigger numbers. Those who completed the task yesterday, you did a great job. If you need a refresher on multiplying by multiples of 10, rewatch the lesson from the task 'Multiplying by multiples of 10'. 

Role Model, what would you do and grid multiplication 11 03 2021

Grid multiplication (11.03.2021) 

Please watch the recorded lesson and complete the task attached. You will now be answering some worded multiplication questions. If you are completing the mild 'make an array' work, please click on the Make an array 1 document (Teams wouldn't let me delete the original). 

My Role Model (11.03.2021) 

Please watch the recorded lesson and complete the sheet "My Role Model'.

What would you do? (11.03.2021)

Think about something that you really want to do when you grow up. Have a think about what you would do if somebody told you that you couldn't achieve your dream. Answer the questions in the grid!

Back to School (12.03.21) 


I cannot wait to welcome you all back to the classroom on Monday. Please write a paragraph about the return to school!

Answer the following questions: 


How are you feeling about returning to school? 

What are you most looking forward to? 

Who are you most excited to see? 
What would you like to do on the first day back? 
Is there anything you are worried about? 


I'm really looking forward to reading your paragraphs! 

Mother's Day Craft (12.03.21)


It is Mother's Day on Sunday. Have a go at making something from the link below to give to your Mum or anybody else you would like to show love to! 

IXL Multiplication (12.03.21) 


Choose your IXL Challenge!


Year 3 

AA.5 Identify multiplication problems for arrays 

AA.6 Write multiplication problems for arrays 



Year 3 

CC.1 Multiplication sentences 

CC.11 Multiplication word problems


Extra Spicy 

Year 4

H.4 Multiplication patterns over increasing place values 

H.6 Multiplication word problems