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Week 3

The Ant and the Grasshopper Story Map (18.01.2021) 


For me, the moral of the Ant and the Grasshopper is that we should complete our responsibilities first. There is a time for work and a time for play. 

For our big write, we will be writing our own fable using The Ant and the Grasshopper. Our fable will have the same moral as the original story. We, therefore, need a good grasp of the major plot points in the fable. I would like you to create a story map of the Ant and the Grasshopper. You have made story maps before. 

You can either draw your story map, or use the images provided on the powerpoint to create an online version. If you are in hufflepuff you must complete Extra Spicy.

Mild- Order the pictures/just draw the pictures.

Spicy- include a short sentence to describe what is happening at each plot point e.g. draw a picture of the grasshopper relaxing and write 'the grasshopper was singing and relaxing instead of collecting food.' 

Extra Spicy- Change the end of the story. Make it so that the ant does give the grasshopper some of his food. 

Subtraction Patterns Over Increasing Place Values (18.01.2021) 


It is so important to have a firm grasp of fact families and place value before we move on. I would like you to complete Year 4 D.8 Subtraction patterns over increasing place values. If you need a refresher, rewatch Friday's video. Once you have completed the IXL task, use the document attached to write 5 of your own questions (they can be addition or subtraction). I then would like you to write an explanation for at least 3 of your questions- how do you know that the answer is correct? How would you explain increasing place values to somebody who didn't know what they were? 

Project- Properties of Materials (18.01.2021)


Task 1- Follow the link to watch an introductory video to how your recycling is sorted. Make notes on the different recyclable materials and how they are sorted (how can you tell which is which?)

Task 2-Read through the properties of materials information powerpoint- this contains information on different ways you can tell what type of material an object is. 

Task 3- Open the Properties of Recyclable Materials powerpoint. There is a grid that I would like you to complete on this powerpoint. Task 2 contains key words that I would like you to include in your grid e.g. opaque, translucent etc. Use these words in the Properties of Materials column. On the side, there are a range of objects that I would like you to drag to the correct row under 'Everyday Objects', e.g. I would place the yoghurt pot into the plastic row under everyday obects box. 


Challenge- List your own objects to the 'everyday objects' column. 

Maths (19.01.2021)

Please watch the video to see one of the ways that we can subtract using a number line. There are problems attached below for you to have a go at. if you have any questions, please let me know! 

Subtracting on a number line (19.01.2021)

Fable characters and setting (19.01.2021)

Please watch the video and use the link to Padlet so that we can share our ideas. 

For your character powerpoint please answer the following questions: 

Squirrel- What does the squirrel look like? Use imaginative words (not just brown, add more detail!) 

What does the squirrel eat? 

Where does the squirrel hibernate? 

What does the squirrel spend its time doing instead of building a den? 


Hedgehog- What does the hedgehog look like? 

How does the hedgehog move? (slow etc.) 

What food does the hedgehog eat? 

How does the hedgehog build its den? What materials? 


I have attached links with information about these animals for you to research. Pob lwc!

Project- Recycling Symbols (19.01.2021)

Use the attached table to find recyclable materials. There is more information about the grid on the Recycling Scavenger Hunt document. Follow the link to learn about what the symbols mean and make a note of them in the grid. 

Maths (21.01.2021)

Continue to practice subtracting on a number line. If you need a refresher, rewatch yesterday's video. This time, have a go at jumping in more than 10s.  What I mean by this is: 

Let's look at the subtraction problem 89-54

There are 5 tens in 54. We can show this by jumping in 10s 5 times, or by doing one big jump of 50. You have shown that you are very good at this already through your work on increasing place values. If 8-5=3, 8 tens subtract 5 tens=30 and 89-50=39. 

Once you have done your big jump in 10s, you still need to subtract the ones. Again this can be done with a larger jump, rather than smaller jumps of one.  

The ones in 89 and 54 are 9 and 4. 


89-54 must be 35. 


Have a go at the questions and see how you get on. If you prefer to do smaller jumps then you can! 

Plot Point 1 Fable (20.01.2021)

Your job today is to write the first paragraph of your fable. Please watch the recorded lesson!

Chunk 1- Describe the setting. It is summer in the forest. You have already creates some lovely phrases on padlet to describe the setting. Use these to help you. Think about the 5 senses in your description. 

Chunk 2- Describe what the squirrel looks like. 

Chunk 3- Where is the squirrel? What is the squirrel doing? 

Designing a toy out of recycled materials (20.01.2021) 

Plastic toys are becoming a big problem for the environment. Watch the linked video to discover why it is so important to recycle. For your task today, I would like you to design your own toy using recycled materials. 

Imagin you work for a toy company. You have seen the terrible impact that throwaway plastic toys are having on the environment. What can you do about it? Design a toy made out of recycled materials. Draw and label your design. I have attached a powerpoint with pictures for inspiration. Try to design your toy using recyclable materials that you have in the house because your task on Friday will be to try and make your toy. 

I want to know: 

  • The name of your toy.
  • What children could do with your toy. 
  • Why children should buy your toy. 

Why should we recycle?

A short educational video for kids explaining why should we recycle?Sources:

Fable Plot Point 2 (21.01.2021) 


I was blown away by your writing yesterday! Could you please continue your story today. This time, you will be looking at Plot Point 2. Complete this in the same way as you did yesterday (using a thesaurus). I have written an example second paragraph; it is there to help you but you should think as creatively as you can with your story. 

This paragraph should describe the squirrel meeting the hedgehog. 

Chunk 1- Describe the hedgehog- what does it look like? 

Chunk 2- What is the hedgehog doing? Use your research to help you with this part- you can choose whether the hedgehog is building its hibernation den, collecting food, or both! Think about exactly what materials the hedgehog is carrying/collecting and how it moves. 

Chunk 3- Describe the squirrel's reaction to the hedgehog- does the squirrel mock and laugh at the hedgehog? Describe how the squirrel feels. 

Subtraction- Overjumping on a number line (21.01.2021) 


Please watch the attached video. The questions are also listed below. 

Overjumping on a number line (21.01.2021)

P.E. (21.01.2021) 


Miss Lewis has set you all a new lockdown challenge! It is attached. For P.E. today, can you catch up with the week of challenges (Monday-Thursday)- I will be handing out Dojo's for completing each of the exercises. Share your scores on the class chat!

Can you complete the challenge everyday to get fit and earn Dojo's 😊

Plot Point 3 (22.1.21)

Let's continue the story. I have recorded a lesson to talk you through this plot point with information about how to use speech marks. As I was watching the video back, I realised I had forgotten something very important- adverbs! Remember, adverbs describe verbs, so words like quickly, slowly, nastily (lots of words that end in -ly). I would love to see some adverbs in your work. If you want a refresher on speech marks, work through the bitesize activity attached. 


Chunk 1- The squirrel asks what the hedgehog he is doing/why.


Chunk 2- The hedgehog replies.


Chunk 3- The squirrel mocks the hedgehog.

Counting coins (22.01.2021) 

Please complete the following IXL tasks. Choose which challenge you would like to complete (mild/spicy/extra spicy). If you are unsure about any of the coins, watch the attached Youtube video. 

Mild- Year 3

  •           P.1 Coin Values 
  •           P.2 Count coins up to £1 


Spicy- Year 3

  • P.3 Count coins up to £5 


Extra Spicy- Year 4

  • S.2 Purchases- do you have enough money- up to £10

Once you have mastered these skills, have a go at the place value questions attached. We did work on money and place value when we were in school so use this activity to refresh your knowledge. This task will help us next week when we subtract  larger amounts of money. 

Making your toy (22.1.21) 

Your design were absolutely fantastic. Now it is time for you to make them using only recycled materials. If you don’t have access to the materials you need or have already made your toy, have a go at advertising your toy. 

Design a poster- I have attached an example with the different features to include.