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Week 2

Spelling List

Reading (01.03.2021) 

Thursday is World Book Day (which is one of my favourite days)! The literacy tasks this week will be focused on a book- and if possible, your favourite book. Today is your opportunity to refresh your knowledge of your chosen book! I would like you to read a book. I have attached a link to a virtual library where you can access links to different books online. You can choose to read a book that you already own, read your assigned book on Big Cat or choose from the virtual library attached.  

Multiplication (01.03.2021) 


Please complete multiplication revision. You can choose to complete any of the games below. I would like you to focus on your 2, 3, 4 and 5 times tables. 

Challenge- I have attached videos below with different ways to remember your 6 times table. Remember that 6 is double 3- this means that your 6 times table is double you 3 times table. 

If I know 2x3=6

Then I know 2x6=12 because double 6 is 12. 


If I know 8x3=24

Then I know 8x6=48 because double 24 is 48. 

Times Table Grid Trick

Trick to learn 6 times table

Making your World Book Day Character (01.03.2021) 

You have been set the challenge of making a our favourite book character, wither using a potato or a cardboard toilet tube. This is a competition and the winner will receive a book voucher! Be as creative as you can. I have attached a few examples for inspiration. Can you guess what characters they are? Write your guesses in the class chat. 

Book Review Template (02.03.2021) 
Please watch the recorded lesson attached. Fill in the grid by discussing the book that you read yesterday. I'm really looking forward to seeing this piece of work! 

Book Review Template (02.03.2021)

Bookmark (02.03.2021)

Have a go at making a bookmark for World Book Day. I have attached a template and some images of bookmarks to inspire you. Get creative - you can choose to make your bookmark however you would like (you do not need to use the template). 

Multiplying by 10 and 100 (02.03.2021) 

Please watch the recorded lesson on multiplying by 10 and 100. We have looked at this in class but it is important we have a really good grasp of this concept before moving onto bigger multiplications. 

Multiplying by 10 and 100 (02.03.2021)

Character Description (04.03.2021) 

Think about what character you would have dressed up as today. Can you use the template below to create a character description. Once you have done this, draw your character! 

Venn diagrams, character descriptions and live events 04 03 2021

Multiplication Venn Diagram (04.03.2021) 

Please watch the recorded run through attached and complete the task! 

World Book Day Event (04.03.2021) 

Have a look at the LIVE event at 10:30 today. If you miss it, it will be available later on youtube. I have attached yesterday's live event as well for you to choose from.

Multiplying by multiples of 10 and book covers 05 03 2021

Multiplying by multiples of 10 (05.03.2021) 


Please watch the recorded lesson and complete the task attached. 

Challenge: Explain how to multiply by a multiple of 10. 

Redrafting and designing a book cover (05.03.2021) 


Please watch the lesson attached. Create a book cover for your chosen book (the one that you reviewed on Tuesday). We are planning to post these to the website so please make sure you try your best! Either upload the pictures of your book cover or ask a grown up to send it on Dojo. You can choose to use the template attached. 

Can you also redraft your book review. Take any comments I made into consideration. Use the character description activity from yesterday to add more detail about your favourite and least favourite characters- you can describe what they look like and what their personality is like. Finally, you can rate the book out of 5 by colour filling the stars. 

Music (05.03.2021) 


Have a go at the upbeat lesson attached. In this lesson you will learn about pulse- enjoy! 


What is pulse?Created by Upbeat