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Week 1


Bar Charts, handwriting and sketching (22.02.2021)

Sketching a Castle (22.02.2021) 

Our Eisteddfod theme this year is castles. As part of the Eisteddfod celebration, please sketch (only using pencil) a castle. I have attached a powerpoint presentation with pictures of castles for you to choose from. Take your time with this. It can take the whole week if it needs to- I really want you to try your best here. 

How To Shade With Pencil

The Welsh National Anthem and Handwriting (22.02.2021) 

Your task today is to learn the Welsh National Anthem. I have attached a video that sings the anthem and has lyrics on screen- the lyrics are spelt how you would say the words so are not spelt correctly. It is so helpful to write when you are learning something and this is also a good opportunity to practice your handwriting. Copy out the national anthem in your best handwriting (don't rush!). Please also practice your spellings for the week- I have attached the spellings and a choice of games for you to complete. 

Welsh National Anthem (hen wlad fy nhadau) PHONETIC VERSION

St David's Day Story Map (23.02.2021) 

Please watch the Recorded Lesson! Your job is to listen to the story and create a story map of the important events in the story. 

23 02 21 St David's Day story

Watch and listen to the story of St David's to help you create your story map.

Inputting Data (23.02.2021)

Inputting Data (23.02.2021) 

For your maths task today, I would like you to create a table and bar chart on J2E. I have recorded a lesson on this so please watch it before completing the task. The table of data I would like you to use is attached below. 

Eisteddfod Grid (Tuesday 23rd-Friday 26th February) 

The project work is being set a bit differently this week. I have attached a grid with the different tasks for you to choose from. I would like you to choose one task each day to complete. All of the information is in the Eisteddfod Grid attachment. Please upload or send pictures of the tasks you complete! In each square of the grid I have listed which of the links you need- all of the links are attached below. 

Poetry Recital

St David Story Breakdown (25.02.2021)

Please watch the recorded lesson attached. I have also attached the story of St David as a refresher. Complete the story breakdown by answering the questions on the powerpoint. 

Gathering Data and making a bar chart (25.02.2021) 


For this task, I would like to gather data. Look out your windown and record how many red, black, silver, blue and yellow cars you see in 20 minutes. You will need to draw a tally chart to do this. I have attached a video on how to draw a tally chart. Everytime you see a certain colour car, you should create a tally mark on your grid. Once you have done this, input your data on J2E- you can follow the same process that you did on Tuesday. You will not need to include the tally marks on your table on J2E. Instead, like Tuesday, write what you are measuring (Colour of Car) and the Frequency. 

If you see a car that is a different colour to the ones I have listed, you can also add this to your table. 

  • What is the most popular car colour? 
  • What is the least popular car colour? 
  • Work out the difference in frequency between the most and least popular car colour. 

Tally Charts

IXL Reading Data (26.02.2021) 


Can you choose a chilli challenge to complete on IXL: 



Year 2 Q.9- Interpreting bar charts

Q.10- Which bar graph is correct



Year 3 R.4- Interpreting bar charts 

R.6- Create bar graphs 


Extra Spicy: 

Year 4 U.6 Create bar graphs 

U.7 Interpret bar graphs for continuous data 

Retell the story of St David (26.02.2021)

Use your story breakdown that you completed yesterday to retell the story of St David. I would like you to include time connectives in your retelling and as much detail as you can. I have attached a document with lots of different time connectives to help you.