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Week 1

Maths Warm Up Tasks Week 1

Symmetry Lesson (04.01.2020)

Introducing our new value (04.01.2021)

Here is an introductory task to get you thinking about our new value- responsibility.

Literacy (04.01.2021)

Your literacy task today is to write all about your Christmas holidays! 

What did you do? 

What was the best part of your holidays? 
What did you eat? 
What was the weather like? 

How did you feel?

Completing this task will help you with your next big write so please try to include as much detail as possible! 


  • Time connectives 
  • Capital letters and punctuation (. ! , ?) 
  • Be specific! e.g. What did the food taste like? What did it smell like? 
  • Talk about how you felt

I know that you all enjoy sharing your news so, for those of you who would like to, we will have time to read what you have written when we return to school. 

Features of an Informal Letter (05.01.2021)

Angles and Perpendicular Lines

Project (05.01.2020)

I would like you to have a think about our new project title 'Only We Can Save the World.' Before Christmas, I asked you to think about what the title means to you and to share what you would like to learn during this topic. If you have not done this yet, please could you have a go because we will be discussing your ideas when we return to class. For those of you who have completed this task, please take your ideas further by answering the following questions: 

  • What is Climate Change?
  • Plastic Pollution, its effects on the earth and what can be done to reduce it
  • How to become an Eco Warrior
  • How could Deri View School and its community be encouraged to become more ecofriendly?
  • What is my Carbon Footprint and what can be done to reduce it?
  • Designs which have had a positive impact and those which have had a negative impact on the world
  • Coastal defenses/flood barriers

If you have already done this, choose one of the Project home learning activities on the school website (under Only We Can Save the World on our class page) to complete. 

Gratitude (06.01.2021)

Take part in a gratitude scavenger hunt.

A Little Thankful Spot By Diane Alber READ ALOUD

What shape am I? 06 01 21

Project 06.01.2021

Have a look at the project grid on our Class Page. Complete Activity 1: Combine the features of two animals from the rainforest to create your own new animal. Make a fictional fact file or it. What name would you give it? Which features did you choose and why? Could you please draw and colour a picture of your animal. 




This animal has a jaguars body and head. It has a macaws beak and wings. This means that the Macuar can fly! I chose the jaguars body so that the Macuar can camouflage in the rainforest. I chose to give the Macuar wings so that it can fly to the emergent layer of the rainforest and eat its dinner peacefully. 

3D Shapes (07.01.2021)

Use the table linked below to follow the tasks in the video. In this lesson, you will be learning all about the properties of some 3D shapes and finding them as everyday objects.

Starting your letter and pronouns

P.E. (07.01.2021)

It is so important to make sure you keep your body moving! I am giving you a choice of workouts to complete from Netflex. Please make sure you complete at least one video because you will feel so much better for doing it. I'll be doing P.E. with Joe and Just Dance (can you guess which one?) Let me know what video you choose to complete!

Informal Language (08.01.2021)

Maths (08.01.2021) 

Today, I would like you to complete the following tasks on IXL. The tasks are all about 3D shapes (which we covered yesterday). If you need to go over the properties of 3D shapes before completing the IXL activity, please rewatch yesterday's video. 



Year 3: 

U.1 Name the three-dimensional shape 

U.2 Select three-dimensional shapes 



Year 4: 

W.3 Identify three-dimensional shapes 

Year 3: 

U.3 Count vertices, edges and faces 


Extra Spicy: 

Year 4: 

W.3 Identify three-dimensional shapes 

W.4 Count vertices, edges and faces 


Challenge- identify the faces of three-dimensional shapes


Art (08.01.2021) 

You have all been working so hard this week! I would like you to create your own rainforest art piece. Have a look at some of the pictures attached in the powerpoint for inspiration. I have also attached some tutorials on how to draw some animals that live in the rainforest. You can use any medium (paint, pencils, material). You can include more than one of the animal drawings in your picture. You could draw them, cut them out and stick them on one piece of paper to make a layered effect. It is totally up to you. Be creative! 


How To Draw A Tree

How To Draw A Cartoon Sloth

How To Draw A Realistic Toucan