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Tuesday Tasks

Tuesday 19th January 2021 English

WALT write a list



Spellings - write down your spelling words using one of the spelling activities

Handwriting - use pre-cursive/cursive handwriting

Reading - log into Active Learn Primary and read a story


Watch the online lesson for instructions 

Task 1: write a list of things you would take to these worlds.

Task 2: Sick Sentences!


Tuesday 19th January 2021 English

19.01.21 Maths

WALT divide using a number line


Warm-up: Big Maths - complete in under 3:30 minutes



Watch the online lesson on how to use a number line to divide.

Choose your challenge 

Check your answers. 

Dividing using a number line

Project - Design a model

Our new project for this term is ‘Only We can Save The World’.

This is your "afternoon" task for the whole week!


I would like you to research, design and make a model to help save our world. 

You could design and make a wind turbine, something to collect water to reduce 

the amount of water wasted, an eco-friendly car/house, using recycled materials.


  •   There are some picture examples of some of the models you can design and create below.
  • Before you start making your model can you fill in the Design plan that is on the other document.
  • Please send photographs of your finished model either using ClassDojo, email or Teams.


Hope you enjoy this and have lots of fun!!!!

How To Make a Wind Turbine Generator Using Plastic Bottle

How to make a car using recycled materials (project)