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02 03 21 Online Learning Tasks

English - Book review
Maths - Write fractions
Topic - Make a Bookmark

02.03.21 English

WALT write a book review


Today you will be writing a book review. Before you do that watch the online lesson. 

Fill in the grid by discussing the book that you read yesterday.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this piece of work! 

02.03.23 Maths

WALT write fractions


Good morning all,


Maths Task - Today you will be writing fractions - watch the video to remind yourself before completing the task

IXL: Fractions

Year 3: W.1

Year 4: Y.1

02.03.2021 Topic


Have a go at making a bookmark for World Book Day.

I have attached a template and some images of bookmarks to inspire you.

Get creative - you can choose to make your bookmark however you would like (you do not need to use the template).