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28.01.21 Maths

WALT to carry over

Big Maths - choose your challenge and complete it in under 2:30 minutes (check answers on daily activities)



You are going to use the column method to solve these addition problems.

Remember that when you add two digits that go over 10 or 100 to move it over to the next column.

Can you choose from either Group A or Group B

28.01.21 English

WALT create a story map



Spellings - choose your spelling activity

Handwriting - practice your handwriting

Reading - read on either Big Cats or Rapid Reading


Task: create a story map

Watch the online lesson

Plan your story using the story mountain

Create your story map

28.01.21 English Map

WALT create a story map

28.01.21 Science 

WALT recycle


First task:

Click and drag the items into the correct bin.

Second Task:

Estimate how long it takes for the items to decompose

Research the real time it takes for those items to decompose.



Why is it important to recycle?

Can you sort out the recycling in the house

How Trash Is Recycled