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Mr Kane’s Great big challenge page!

Hello everyone, yes including you Mum, Dad, Nan, Granddad, or anyone really! Are you ready for a challenge? I will be posting some things you can do to challenge yourselves, if you are willing to take these up watch this space!


So, this is a challenge to get you thinking for our first no screen  Wellbeing Wednesday!

If you ruled the world what 5 things would you change?

So what improvements would you make in the cities, or countryside or the coast? What would you allow or not allow people to do? How would you help people who were in need? Draw your ideas and ask everyone in your house for their ideas. Think as left field as you want!

I will start with one idea, I would add another day to the week, so we would have a three day weekend, Saturday, Sunday then Funday, no shops would be open, and it was compulsory just for everyone including adults to have fun with no worries!

I can’t  wait to hear yours but don’t let me know today send photos of your ideas on Thursday as remember no screens today!

Oh and then once you have changed the world have a go at some yoga, poses to give a go are below!