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25.01.21 Maths

WALT add using the partitioning method


Big Maths - choose 1 challenge and answer all the questions.



Watch the online lesson.

Choose a challenge and solve the problems using the partitioning method. 

Big Maths challenge

25 01 21 Maths

WALT use the partitioning method to add

25.01.21 P.E

Bore da!


Here is a challenge from Miss Lewis (the awesome P.E teacher for those who don't know):


Miss Lewis is setting a daily exercise challenge where dojo points will be awarded to those that complete the daily tasks.

You need to send in a photo/video to earn those rewards. 

I can share this with Miss Lewis as well.


Good Luck


Saint Dwynwen


Today is St Dwynwen's Day which is Wale's own Valentine's Day (who knew!).

Look through the powerpoint of the story of why we have Saint Dwynwen's Day.


I have attached a few activities for you to choose from to do today:

English/Baking - Bake St Dwynwen Biscuits

Science - Frozen Hearts Experiment

Maths/ DT - Building Brick Hearts 

Art - Make St Dwynwen's Day Cards. 

The Story of Saint Dwynwen

Activities to choose from