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08 03 21 Online Lessons

08.03.21 Topic


 Today is International Women's Day.

Watch the Online lesson.


Challenge yourself to try something new. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, have a go at something you’ve never done before. 


Research some more famous figures who have done extraordinary or pioneering things. 


08.03.21 English


Please watch the recorded lesson.


Watch the shark lady youtube link. This will read the story to you.

Answer the questions attached in the powerpoint using full sentences. 

Shark Lady by Jess Keating I Read aloud I Biography books for kids

08.03.21 Maths


Good morning all hope you had a good weekend!

Your tasks for today are:

Big Maths - choose your challenge


Maths Task - Finding fractions of amounts

IXL - Fractions

Year 3 W.4

Year 4 Y.4