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08.02.21 English






WALT write a recount

Today I want you to write a recount of the story, you will then use this recount later on to innovate (make up) your own story.

First you will need to watch the video again.

Then I want you to write a what happened in the story (recount). You can use the video and your story map to help.

08.02.21 Maths

Good morning to you all,

Hope we have had a restful weekend!

This week we will be looking at measurements so get your rulers, measuring jugs and weighing scales out!


Big Maths: choose your challenge and complete ( I've attached the answers so you can self check after you tried!!)


Maths task - 

Answer the questions using the table to help you. 

Choose your challenge sheet using the star rating

After you completed the questions why don't you measure your family members, put the data in a table and ask your own questions for it.