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Numbers as Words - Practise 11.01.21

One to ten practise 11.01.21

This is a very quick video so please do ensure your child has had a little practise the 'red' box as they may struggles otherwise. Just a demonstration to help parents see how we might practise.

Read and write numbers from 0 to 20 in numerals and words 14.01.21

In this video we practise reading and writing numbers from 0 to 20 in numerals and in words. And, why not become a number 'Master', by practising until you a...

Reading the 'ten's words 15.01.21

Here I go over reading the tens words. Sadly the 'highlighter' mouse isn't transparent unlike when I was making it so sometimes the words will be hard to see...

January Calendar Questions 12.01.21

Look at the Calendar and write/type the days and date for each of the coloured balloons. Which day are they on? What date is it?

Multiplying by 10 14.01.21

Watch the video to practise counting in 10s

Choose coins for the party items 15.01.21

For our party, we need to buy some food. Which coins can we use?

Kahoot Games 15.01.21