Deri View Primary

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Live Lessons - January/ February 2021

Year 1/2 - New Year Resolutions - 04/01/2021

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda - Happy New Year! Come and listen to Squirrel and his friends make their own New Years Resolution. What will your New Year Resolution be?

Year 1/2 - Halves and Quarters - 06/01/2021

Haneri a chwarteri - Learn how to find halves and quarters of different objects. Can you find objects in your house and find a half or quarter?

Year 1/2 -RWI - 07/01/2021

RWI - Come and learn your sounds with me. Can you play beat the teacher?

Year 1/2 - Helping Captain Dynamo Save the World - 08/01/2021

Arbed y byd - Can you help Captain Dynamo save the world? Watch the video to find out how!

Year 1/2 - Ffans Cymraeg - 11/01/2021

Ffans Cymraeg - Come and use the Ffans Cymraeg to ask Skye the questions.

Year 1/2 - The Very Hungry Caterpillar - 12/01/2021

Y Lindysyn Llwglyd Iawn - Come and listen to the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Can you retell what foods the caterpillar ate each day?

Year 1/2 - Addition using a Number Line - 13/01/2021

Llinell rhif - come and learn how to add using a number line with me.

Year 1/2 - RWI - 14/01/2021

RWI - come and learn your RWI sounds with me. Have a go at using the sounds to write the different words.

Year 1/2 - Responsibility - 15/01/2021

Cyfrifoldeb - come and learn what our new key value is for this term. How will you be responsible at home?

Year 1/2 - Partitioning - 20/01/2021

Ymrannu - come and learn how to partition numbers with me. Can you tell me how many tens and ones?

Year 1/2 - Missing Butterfly - 20/01/2021

Eisiau - look at the missing butterfly. Can you create a wanted poster?

Year 1/2 - Recycling - 21/01/2021

Ailgylchu - come and sort the rubbish into the correct bins. Can you write a recycling promise?

Year 1/2 -RWI - 22/01/2021

Bingo - come and learn your RWI sounds and play RWI bingo with me.

Year 1/2 - St Dwynwen's Day - 25/01/2021

Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus - come and listen to the story of Saint Dwynwen with me. Can you design your own Welsh lovespoon?

Year 1/2 - Poetry - 26/01/2021

Barddoniaeth - Take a look at the poem 'African Animals'. What rhyming words do you notice in the poem?

Year 1/2 - Directions - 28/01/2021

Cyfeiriad - can you give directions to Skye to find her food?

Year 1/2 -RWI - 29/01/2021

Shwmae - time for our weekly RWI lesson - come and learn your sounds with me.

Year 1/2 - Wyt ti'n hoffi? - 01/02/2021

Shwmae - Wyt ti'n hoffi...?

Year 1/2 - The Tiger who came to Tea - 02/02/2021

Y Teigr a ddaeth i de - come and listen to the story 'The Tiger who Came to Tea'. Can you help me retell the story?

Year 1/2 - Greater than Less than - 04/02/2021

Shwmae - can you help me find the biggest numbers?

Year 1/2 - Key Words - 05/02/2021

Geiriau allwedd - come and learn your key words with me.

Year 1/2 - Beth wyt ti'n gwisgo? - 08/02/2021

Shwmae - Beth wyt ti'n gwisgo? Come and learn the different dillad / clothes with me. Can you draw an outfit for Tedi Twt?

Year 1/2 - Party invitation - 09/02/2021

Gwahoddiad parti - I had a special phone call from the Tiger this morning! Can you help me design an invitation for a tea party for the Tiger?

Year 1/2 - Money - 11/02/2021

Arian - can you help me pay for the party foods?

Year 1/2 - RWI - 12/02/2021

Shwmae - come and learn your RWI sounds with me and play some RWI bingo!