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Home Learning- February 2021

12/02/21- Forest School

Can you make one of these natural hearts?

Happy Valentines Day

12/02/21- Maths
Complete any Maths worksheets in the Maths pack.


Here are some lovely 2D and 3D shape games you could play.

12/02/21- Literacy

I am very excited to hear the ending of your stories. Can you finish your stories and write the end?

12/02/21- PE with Joe Wicks

Kick start your Friday morning and join Joe with his workout!

11/02/21- The Chinese New Year

11/02/21- Maths

11/02/21- RWI

11/02/21- Literacy
I really enjoyed reading the beginnings of your stories and can't wait to find out what happens. Today can you write a middle for you story. What is going to happen in your story? Remember what your sentences need- capital letters, finger spaces, full stop. 

10/02/21- Wellbeing Wednesday

Happy Wellbeing Wednesday everyone! Enjoy a break from worksheets and screens and try some of these activities. 

Later this week we will be learning all the Chinese New Year. Why not have a go at one of the Chinese New Year recipes below or try some Chinese food.

Chinese New Year Recipes

09/02/21- Safer Internet Day

Today it is Safer Internet Day and the slogan this year is "together for a better internet".
Please spend time with your child discussing the questions at the end.

09/02/21- Literacy

I can't wait to hear the beginnings of your stories :)

09/02/21- Maths

09/02/21- RWI

Set 1 Sounds

Set 1 Spelling


Set 2 Speed Sounds

Set 2 Spelling

08/02/21- Project
This afternoon i would like you (with the help of your group up) to think about and research what we could do as a class to either reduce, reuse or recycle. This could be anything :) 

08/02/21- Maths

Can you name any 3D shapes?

08/02/21- RWI

Please log in and read the relevant RWI book using the website listed below.

08/02/21- Reading

Please log in to the Big Cats Ebooks and read one of the books. 

Please spend as much time as you can reading with your child, a few minutes a day will have such a huge impact on their reading development. Our aim at Deri View is to give all a life long love of reading and your help with this is vital.

If you have any issues please let me know.

Diolch Miss Davies

08/02/21- Key Words

Please practise reading the next 5 Key words.

Here are some lovely ideas to help your child-
• Flashcards- make flashcards and get your child to say the words
• Magnetic letters (you could make your own cards with the individual letters on)- words could be displayed in a prominent place in the house or your child could use the letters to make the words
• Word recognition- the adult says the word and the child chooses which word was said
• Write, look, cover, repeat to help with the spelling of the words
• Snap- you will need two of each word for this
• Pairs- you will need two of each word for this
• Put the words around the house- children can practise reading them
• Sentence construction- use one or more of the words in a sentence
• Rainbow spelling- children can use different colours to write the words

05/02/21- Maths

05/02/21- Literacy
Yesterday you predicted what you thought was going to happen when the mouse met the lion. I loved hearing all your wonderful ideas- you have very good imaginations. Da iawn pawb!


Today can you write a different ending for the story 'The Lion Inside' 

Remember your ending needs to be longer than one sentence. 

05/02/21- Welsh Music Day

Today is Welsh Music Day- Dydd Miwsig Cymru. Welsh Language Music Day celebrates all forms of Welsh Language music. Whether you’re into indie, rock, punk, funk, folk, electronica, hip hop or anything else, there’s incredible music being made in the Welsh language for you to discover.

Can you listen to at least 3 different Welsh groups/artists.

Here is a listen video from all the staff at Deri View to make you smile :)

05/02/21- RWI

Choose a few sounds and watch the videos and play the game. 

Set 1 sounds- ch, ng, th, sh

Set 2 sounds- igh, ar, oo, ee, or

05/02/21- PE

Get moving this morning and join Joe Wicks!

04/02/21- Project

Have a creative afternoon and join Austin and draw Earth.

04/02/21- Maths

Please complete the remaining 'Number words' sheets in your pack or Page 5 and 7 from the below attachment.

04/02/21- RWI

04/02/21- Literacy

Listen to the story below up to 3:40 minutes. Write a prediction of what you think will happen.
Don't forget what your sentences need- Capital letters, finger spaces, neat writing and a full stop.

Questions to consider-
What will the lion do?
What will happen?
How do you think the the lion was feeling?
How do you think the mouse was feeling?

After you have predicted the ending watch till the end. Was you prediction right?

03/02/21- Wellbeing Wednesday

Enjoy a break from screens and worksheets and try out a few of these activities. 

02/02/21-Our Feelings

This week it's Children's Mental Health Week. Come and listen to the story and have a go at drawing your feelings.

02/02/21- Maths

TASK- Please complete Page 3 today (Included in your Home Learning Pack)

02/02/21- RWI

Set 1 Lesson

Set 2 Speed Sounds

Read and Hold a Sentence

02/02/21- Literacy

As part of National Storytelling week we are going to listen to a different story each day. Today can you listen to the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
TASK- Can you retell the story to someone in your house?

01/02/21- Project

Watch the following video and discuss ways we can reduce the amount of packaging.

TASK Can you design a packed lunch which uses less packaging? (Sheet included in last weeks Home Learning Pack).

01/02/21- RWI

Can you write a sentence for each of these red words- my, he and you

01/02/21- Literacy

This week is National Storytelling week. Over the week we will be listening to different stories and doing a range of activities.
Listen to the story of The Gingerbread Man and draw and write a description of one of the characters.

01/02/21- Maths