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Home Learning December 2020

18/12/20- Literacy
For Literacy today please can you watch PART 2
Task 1- Retell Kevin's journey home. Can you retell the story to someone in your house? You could draw pictures to retell the story and even write a sentence.

Task 2- How do you think Kevin was feeling on his journey home? Do you think his feelings changed?

17/12/20- Literacy
Please watch PART 1 of the following video
Task 1- Create a 'MISSING' poster for Kevin the carrot. You can either create your own poster or use the following as a template.
Task 2- Where do you think Kevin is?
What can he see?, What can he smell?, What can he feel?, What can he smell?, What can he taste?

17/12/20 & 18/12/20 

Afternoon activities 
Choose 3 of the following activities:
Create a Christmas decoration to hang in your window or on your tree. 
Draw your Christmas tree.
Write a list of what you will have for Christmas dinner. You can include Starter, Main Course and Dessert. 
Create a Christmas tree using different materials/objects.
Complete the sentence 'My favourite part of Christmas is......'
Play a game with your family.
Help with some Christmas baking. 
Learn a new skill. This can be anything you like, what can't you do which you would like to do? 


Have fun :) 

11/12/20- RWI

10/12/20- Christmas Addition

09/12/20- The Christmas Story

Can you retell the Christmas Story to someone in your house?

08/12/20- Maths

08/12/20- RWI

07/12/20- Maths

07/12/20- RWI