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Home Learning- January 2021

29/01/21- Maths
In your house find different objects and estimate how many there are then count how many to see how close you were. Was your estimate close? Was your estimate right?

You could also have a go at playing these games:

29/01/21- PE

Kick start your Friday morning with PE with Joe Wicks.

28 01 21 and 29 01 21- Literacy

Today we are making a sandwich and then writing our own instructions. You may want to make a sandwich with your child to help them. Enjoy :)

28/01/21- Welsh

28/01/21- Maths
Practise counting to 20 forwards and backwards from 15 and count in 2's to 20.
What does Estimate mean?

28/01/21- RWI

27/01/21- Wellbeing Wednesday

Take a break from screens and worksheets. Here are some activity ideas which you may like to complete. Remember to send in any photos on Dojo as we would love to see what you have got up to.

Have fun :)


Key Words
Please practise with your child 5 of their Key words daily.
Diolch yn fawr
26/01/21- Project
Using what we learnt last week about recycling and your own research can you find out what glass, cardboard, tin and paper can be reused for?

TASK- Complete the worksheet 'How can we reuse glass, cardboard, tin and paper?'

You may want to watch the following videos- Please note that food can be recycled into compost.

26/01/21- RWI

Set 1 Speed Sounds - 'e' with Ruth

Set 2 Speed Sounds with Rosie "ow"

Read and Hold a Sentence

26/01/21- Maths

26/01/21- Literacy

Can you think of or find 5 things that you used or needed instructions for?

25/01/21- Saint Dwynwen's Day

25/01/21- Maths

25/01/21- RWI

25/01/21- Literacy
Can you follow the instructions to make your Seasons Calendar (Enclosed within the home learning pack)

I would love to see photos of your completed calendars :)

22/01/21- Project
Using recycling in your house create a junk model animal. As we've been learning this week about how rubbish can harm animals can you create one of those animals using your recycling?
Have fun! I can't wait to see you all your models :)

PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 22nd Jan

Join Joe Wicks for a fun Friday PE lesson.

22/01/21- RWI

Set 1 Speed Sounds - 'b' with Ruth

Hold and Read a Sentence

21/01/21- Project

Watch the following videos. Discuss with your child what happens when rubbish is recycled and where it would go if it's not recycled.

What happens to our rubbish? | BBC Teach

Recycling for Kids | Recycling Plastic, Glass and Paper | Recycle Symbol | Kids Academy

21/01/21- RWI

21/01/21- Maths

20/01/21- Project

Write a list of at least 5 things you could recycle in the following recycling bins.
*Paper and Cardboard
*Food waste

You can draw the items and have a go at writing the word :)

20/01/21- Literacy
For Literacy today i would like you to write 2 sentences that include some of the words you practised writing this morning. Remember to include what a sentence needs :)

Mrs Davies' RWI group


20/01/21- RWI

Apologies the video freezes in the first 30 seconds but is okay after that.

19/01/21- Welsh

Come and listen to the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'.

19/01/21- Literacy

Look at the two sentences you wrote yesterday. Using a green pen or pencil can you improve your sentence?

Things to consider-

Have you used a capital letter at the start of your sentences?

Have you used finger spaces?

Have you used a full stop at the end of the sentences?

Have you sat your letters on the line?

Have you formed your letters correctly?

Are your letters a similar size?

Could you extend your sentence? Could you add more detail?

Remember you need all these things to get Mr Marker :) 

19/01/21- Maths

19/01/21- RWI

18/01/21- Project
What different types of recycling do you do in your house? Can you write a list of three things you have put in each recycling bin today?


18/01/21- Literacy
In your exercise books write 2 sentences about what you did on the weekend.

Don't forget your sentence needs-
A capital letter
Finger spaces
A Full stop
And your very best writing :)
You could also draw a picture to go with your sentence.

18/01/21- Maths
Please practise number recognition and writing your numbers.
For Reception children please focus on 1-10 and beyond if your child is confident and for Year 1 1-20 and beyond.

18/01/21- RWI

Read and Hold a Sentence 1 Lesson 10

18/01/21- RWI

Set 2 Speed Sounds with Rosie "ir"

18/01/21- RWI

Set 1 Speed Sounds 'o' with Ruth

15/01/21- Forest School
I'm sure everyone is missing Forest School!
Today or on the weekend i would like you to use natural materials to create a nature picture.
Have fun :)
Don't forget when it's cold in Forest School you get hot chocolate and a biscuit.

15/01/21- Maths
Sing the months of the year song and re-cap the four seasons. You can watch the video again

Cut out the months of the year and put them in the correct order using the Seasons to help you.

It's funday Friday! To kick start your morning why not join PE with Joe. 

PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 15th Jan

14/01/21- Project

The Whale and his friends need your help! Can you create a poster to help reduce the amount of rubbish in the sea?

14/01/21- Literacy

Write a sentence about each of the seasons. Reception children can write a sentence for 2 of the seasons (unless they want to write about 4).

14/01/21- Maths

Watch the video from yesterday. Then if you scroll down you the page you will find a game and quiz. Please have a go at ordering the seasons and then the quiz (You may need a grown up to help you with this)

14/01/21- Maths Warm-up

More Numberblocks 11 - 20! Counting from Eleven to Twenty and everyone between!!

14/01/21- RWI

Set 1 Speed Sounds - 'p' with Ruth

14/01/21- RWI

Read and Hold a Sentence 1 Lesson 8

14/01/21- RWI

Set 2 Speed Sounds with Rosie "or"

13/01/21- Project

13/01/21- Maths

Discuss with your child the different seasons and the changes in each season. You could go for a walk and see what you notice.
Please complete the worksheet (it is also included in the pack).

12/01/21- Maths

12/01/21- Project
For your project today i would like you to think of 5 things that you do at home or in school that 'Help Save the World'
In addition you could research how are you are helping. Example where does your plastic recycling go? What does it get used for?

12/01/21- RWI

11/01/21- Maths

11/01/21- Literacy
Using your wonderful ideas about Winter last week i want you to write a Senses poem. You can either write the poem in your exercise book, on a piece of paper or use the template.

I can see......
I can smell......
I can taste.....
I can feel....
I can hear....

11/01/21- RWI

07/01/21- Literacy

06/01/21- Maths

04/01/21- Literacy

New Year's Resolutions
TASK- Write your New Year's Resolutions on the stars or on a piece of paper.
I can't wait to hear all your New Year's Resolutions :)

04/01/21- Maths

Please practise singing the months of the year song and help your child learn the months of the year. You can create your own colourful flashcards to help you.