Deri View Primary

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Friday Tasks

22.01.21 Maths

Big Maths - choose your challenge and complete in under 2 minutes.


Maths task: find the remainder

Watch the linked division video for help.


IXL: Year 3 DD.4

       Year 4  I.4


You can practice your multiplication and division facts by playing a game.

21 01 21 Maths

Dividing with remainders

22.01.21 P.E

Bore da!


Here is a challenge from Miss Lewis (the awesome P.E teacher for those who don't know)


Miss Lewis has set challenge to all of you to create your own Sport. check out the instructions below.


Starting next week Miss Lewis is also setting a daily exercise challenge where dojo points will be awarded to those that complete the daily tasks.

You need to send in a photo/video to earn those rewards. 

I can share this with Miss Lewis as well.


Good Luck

Friday 22nd January 2021 English

WALT describe ideas through drawings



Spellings - write down your spelling words using one of the spelling activities

Handwriting - use pre-cursive/cursive handwriting

Reading - log into Active Learn Primary and read a story


Picture time!

Imagine you have stepped through the circles and have been transported to a new world.

Can draw a picture of the new world you have stepped into?

(is it like a different place on earth: desert, beach, frozen forest; a different part of time: dinosaur, ancient romans, World War 1)

Can you write a few sentences describing your new world?

(remember your adjectives, nouns and verbs)