Deri View Primary

If you can dream it, you can achieve it



Describe what you can see

Look at the picture and write down what you can see and think is happening. To make your writing interesting use some of these to help:

Use lots of descriptive words to describe what is happening e.g. the giant tall mountains with frozen ice on top looking down on the beautiful village.

Use Verbs to describe what they are doing e.g. water rushing quickly.

Use similes to compare it to something else e.g. as white as cotton candy.

Start with: I can see……./There is …../ I think…….


Create a character for your story


Can you draw what your new character will look like?

What do they wear in the winter, what colour hair and eyes do they have? What features do they have that makes them stand out?

What personality do they have? Are they kind or mean etc.



Write a short story


Use the picture to help you set the scene and your character design to describe you r character for the opening scene.

Use the story mountain as a guide for your story.